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Galina Boggies-Rolfe


Galina Boggis-Rolfe is a holistic and homeopathic consultant with nearly 20 years of experience treating patients in many countries around the world. She has a special interest in natural and ecological medicine, healthy living and nutrition.


Please visit
Galina's website www.homeopathic.pro or contact her on 07913 20 44 65 or galina@homeopathic.pro

Her Experience

Galina graduated from the oldest homeopathic establishment in London – The College of Practical Homeopathy and learned from the leading British homeopaths. Through years of practice she developed her unique method HASAR (Holistic Approach to Stress And Response) where she uses Classical Homeopathy, based on new British homeopathic remedies, combined with Intuitive Prescribing. Galina treats a wide range of physical problems as well as emotional issues including fears and phobias, depression and PTSD. Further to this, she helps patients develop stress-management strategies.

Galina specialises in treating various allergies, including hay-fever and food intolerances as well as digestive problems such as IBS. She develops nutritional programs and diets for each patient, recognising the crucial role that nutrition plays in successful treatment, desease prevention and in maintaining good health, for both adults and children.

Being trilingual gives Galina an advantage in widely promoting healthy living and natural medicine in English, Russian and Ukrainian. She is an inspirational speaker, writer and educator, regularly holding lectures and talks, as well as writing magazine articles, a blog and is very active on social media. Galina has been regularly interviewed by the newspapers and has featured in videos.

Her practice is located on the most respected and prestigious medical street in London - Harley Street.

Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, Herts Homeopaths and Ukrainian Medical Association in the UK.

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Ideally 2 — 4 years experience in an agency environment working in mult-tiered teams


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine. homeopathy is the second most widely used form of medicine for primary care in the world today. Many GPs now refer NHS patients to professional Homeopaths and many private health companies consider Homeopathic treatment a good investment.

Homeopathy aims to provide a high standard of care for those wishing to improve and maintain their health and well-being. Homeopaths want to help their patients achieve freedom from limitations in their lives, and, ideally, to reach a level of health where they are no longer dependant on medicine or therapy.